Learn How To Build A Powerful, Effortless, Pain Free Golf Swing.

My golf instruction is unique because it's based on the swing of the Iron Byron and using your body to hit the ball not your arms. Why the Iron Byron? Because it has the only perfect golf swing on the planet, it was modeled after one of the best golfers of all time; Byron Nelson (see the perfect swing of Iron Byron) and it's simple.

By understanding the machine, and relating it to your swing, you'll not only be able to understand exactly how the golf swing works but you will be able to build that powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing you've been dreaming about.

This was the basis for my latest book and video series called, The Body Swing which teaches you step-by-step how to build a powerful, effortless pain free golf swing.

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Just a quick message to let you know I just launched a brand new golf tips website called

What club are you excited to hit? Driver! What club do You want to hit farther? Driver! What club do you want to hit more consistently? Driver!  Well ... my new website is only about hitting the driver.

It includes tips on:

- how to gain Distance
- how to become more Consist
- Playing Tips
- Equipment Tips
- Driver Reviews
- and anything else I can think of.

I truly hope you take a minute to check out the site. While you are there please sign up to be notified when I post new tips.



What We Teach: For 25 years now, I've never changed the way I teach. From private/semi private lessons, schools and products I teach people a powerful, effortless body swing. It works for all golfers from beginners to recreational golfers and pros not matter what your body type or swing type.

You won't be overwhelmed with all the technical aspects of the swing. You will not be using a bunch of training aids or spending the whole lesson doing swing analysis or launch monitors. My goal is to build you a great swing while you're here so every minute we are together counts.

Not only is driving the ball, iron play and swing repeatability important, you can't forget the short game. From pitching, bunker play, chipping and putting my technique short game technique will have you hitting the short shots around the green more consistently thus lowering your scores.

Who We Teach: Private and Semi-Private Lessons as well as schools are avilable to anyone at any physical ability, skill level and body type. From junior golfers, beginners, recreational players to professionals, my instructional technique will train you to use your body and to play better golf.

Credentials: Class A Canadian PGA Teaching Professional

Turned Pro: 1991

Location: Bear's Best Las Vegas (main teaching facility) Toronto Golf Lessons available.

Products: If you can't make it for private lessons or schools you can still learn my technique through my instructional materials above or by taking online lessons giving you our feedback through video analysis allowing people to improve their game regardless of location.

Clubfitting: Unfortunately, we do not offer clubfitting but we can make equipment recommendations when you are at the lesson.

Add Ons: While you're here you can add on-course playing lessons including course strategy and gamesmanship and etiquette. Mental performance coaching is also available.