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Golf Instruction, Tips and Schools by Paul Wilson

My instruction is based on the swing of the Iron Byron. Why the Iron Byron? … Because it has the only perfect golf swing on the planet and it was modeled after one of the best golfers of all time; Byron Nelson!  Plus, the machine is simple.  It only has 3 elements yet it hits the ball perfectly.  Why make it complicated?

Golf Instruction:  Technique

To develop a great swing you just have to relate the Iron Byron back to your own golf swing. Once you do, you’ll understand exactly how the golf swing works as well as what you should be working on. With this understanding you’ll also know how to instantly cure any swing flaw in golf so you can get your game back on track in record time.

With my instructional technique there is no guess-work.  There’s no more going to range not knowing what to work on or getting frustrated.  There’s no more spinning your wheels.  For too long golf instruction has been too complicated when really the golf swing should be simple.

My goal is to make you play the best golf of your life.  You’re my reputation so I want you to not only have a great looking golf swing that works but I also want you to have all of the information so you can work on the proper swing fundamentals on your own.

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Golf Swing Tips

I’m excited to announce that I have recently launched my online golf tips website that includes hundreds of my video golf swing tips on the full swing and short game. Along with my instruction there are other experts providing tips on flexibility and the mental game.  Please watch the video below to find out more about my Ignition Golf tips website.

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US Flag  Golf Schools & Lessons Las Vegas

If you’re going to be visiting Las Vegas or you live here both myself and my assistant are available for private and semi-private golf lessons.  People from out of town typically book 4 hours per day from 1 to 3 days.  This gives us enough to to not only work on the full swing but the short game as well if needed.  For locals, we offer series of 5 lessons as well as hourly.  This is the best option if you live in Las Vegas because we can work with you over and an extended period of time.

Golf Lessons – More Information Here

US Flag  Golf Schools Las Vegas

If you’re looking to attend a golf school we offer 3 day schools (18 hours).  This is an intense golf school designed to give you a great swing by the time you leave as well as giving you drills and swing positions so you can continue working on your golf swing on your own into the future.  It also includes work on the short game to improve your scoring.    There is no golf included in the school.  You can stay later or come early and take a playing lesson with my assistant if this interests you but I feel the time you are here is better spend working on your full swing and short game.

Golf School- More Information Here

Canadian Flag  Golf Lessons Toronto

If you live in the Toronto area, you can take lessons from one of my qualified instructors.

Toronto Golf Lessons – More Information Here

Instructional DVDs/Videos – Full Swing or Short Game

If you can’t make one of my Las Vegas golf schools, you can still learn my instructional technique by purchasing my book or DVD videos.

Included in the Swing Machine Golf 4 DVD full swing video series, is an interview with the creator of Iron Byron, George Manning, as well as side-by-side swing comparisons between myself and the Iron Byron from the front view and down the line view, proving that it is possible to copy the Iron Byron machine throughout every stage of the golf swing!

My DVD instruction videos also takes you through my easy-to-follow lessons, how to practice, taking it to the course as well as tips on how to cure your slice, hooks, pushes, pulls, shanks and much, much more! Read Reviews of the DVDs Here >>>

If you need help with your short game, I created another 4 hour instructional DVD video series dedicated to helping you with your pitching, greenside bunkers, chipping and putting.

Full Swing Golf DVDs – More Information

Short Game DVDs Series – More Information

Golf Book

If you can’t make it to one of my golf schools, my golf book will help you learn from the perfect swing of Iron Byron. Learning the proper fundamentals has never been easier! Join thousands of golfers who have already benefited from my Swing Machine Golf book and instruction. My book makes a perfect gift for beginners to pros!

Golf Book – More Information

Golf Swing Tips

Before you come to my Las Vegas golf school or for golf lessons, check out these informative free tips based on my Swing Machine Golf instructional technique. New golf tips are added regularly so please be sure to check back often.

Golf Swing Tips – More Information

Golf Swing Sequences

Check out Tiger Woods swing sequence and Ernie Els swing sequence compared to the perfect swing of Iron Byron! If you don’t think that all pros are in the same positions as Iron Byron, you’ll be very surprised once you see these pictures. This is why my golf swing instruction is based on the perfect swing of Iron Byron.

Tiger Woods swing sequence

Ernie Els swing sequence

Revolution Golf

I’m was the founding golf instructor at Revolution Golf. Since the beginning of 2012 I have discontinued my role on their website to start my own site based on my own instruction called, Ignition Golf.  Here I offer hundreds of my golf tips in the archive as well as almost daily tips posted on the site. If you’re looking golf tips on the full swing, short game and playing lessons please take a look here: Ignition Golf

More Information

For more information or questions about my instruction, tips, schools or products please contact me here.


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