Setup Foot Position

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In this tip I explain the setup foot position. More specifically the right foot setup position. Although this doesn’t seem that it can effect your swing it can. This foot positions is responsible for helping to create torque as you coil up into the backswing.

If out of position it can cause you to over-rotate or even sway so make sure you check this position in your own swing.

Transcription – Golf Setup Foot Position

Hi, my name is Paul Wilson, I’m the creator of Swing Machine Golf, and the Director of the Paul Wilson Golf School at Bear’s Best Las Vegas.

In this tip I want to talk about the right foot placement at address. With the right foot, what we want to try to do is, we want to try this foot turned out about 5 degrees. So, if this is straight, we want to tow it out just a bit at about 5 degrees. Now, I’m saying that because what happens is, if you turn the right foot out too much, you get yourself in a position where the waist or your hips can end up over rotating as you go back. That’s a real problem, because what we’re trying to do in our golf swing is, trying to base our swing on a creation of torque. So, we’re going to get torque by winding up our upper body, and having our lower body, or our hips go half of that amount, and our knees go half of the amount of our hips. So, if I was to take this golf club and turn this to 90 degrees, I would want my lower body only moving 45 degrees. Now, if I have the foot turned out like this, that kind of freeze out my hips and I can end up turning way too much. So, if we take a look from this angle, you can see that my hips are moving way too much, my belt buckle is pointing way over here. So, ideally, again, we want to have our hips only move half of the amount of our shoulders. So, in that process my hips are now moving 45 degrees on a 90 degree shoulder rotation.

So, like I say, we don’t want to turn the foot out too much, because we’ve run the risk of over rotating our hips, and that’s going to lose the torque in our swing. We’re using torque because torque in life repeats a 100 percent of the time. So, we’re going to be coiling our upper body and uncoiling our lower body in creating a spring like effect. Now, if we lose the center, or our hips, we’re going to not have that spring like effect. If you’re not creating that spring like effect, you’re just going to be hitting the golf ball with your arms, and that’s not going to be consistent, because it’s not based on something in life that is consistent. So, that’s why we don’t want to have a foot flared out too much. Just remember, 5 degrees. Now, the opposite is toeing your right footing too much. So, sometimes I do see the odd person with their back foot turned in a little too much. Now, what happens there is, you create a lot of resistance down in your lower body, which is a good thing, but you can actually create too much resistance. So, if I got the foot turned in like that, and I try to turn my body, what can potentially happen here is the weight ends up going to the outside of this foot. And you can see that the inner portion of the foot came off a ground, and now the weight is on the outside of my foot. Well, first it is going to be very difficult to use my lower body, or make the lower body work properly from that position, and secondly, you’ve swayed, which means you’ve lost a base to your golf swing.

So, that’s not going to be very stabile, and you’re going to be become very inconsistent. So, that’s the first things that happens when you’ve got your foot too much in. You try coiling back, and that’s going to throw you on the outside edge of that foot. The next thing that can happen is, you’ve created so much resistance down in the lower body, that you never end up allowing your body to get over here when you do your backswing. What I mean is, you get to the top, and you’re stuck over this forward foot, doing a reverse weight shift. And that angles your body forward like this, and if you’re in this position at the top, you are in big problem. Because you’re going to end up hitting the golf ball, you’re going to started to the left and hit all sorts of pulled, pull hooks, or even slices from that position. So, we don’t want to be resisting down here so much, that we end up in this position here. We want to have the foot toed out by a 5 degrees. That will allow us to get into a position where we’re loaded more on this side, and then we can use that to power our golf swing, use our lower body then to power our swing. So, pretty simple tip today, back foot, we want to toe it out about 5 degrees. Just start out with straight if you have to, and then just turn it out a little tiny bit, and then you are in a correct position. OK? Please ask your questions, leave your comments below, and I’m more than happy to answer them.

All the best,

Paul Wilson

Founder - Ignition Golf
Creator - The Body Swing
Creator - Swing Machine Golf