Swing Caddie SC200 Review

"Now You Can Have Data Found On Launch Monitors Worth Thousands"


The Swing Caddie SC200 is unlike other portable launch monitors in that it not only gives you data found on high end launch monitors but it also has different mode settings that allow you to work on precise yardages with your clubs and approach shots (this is amazing).

I only review products I have confidence in and have personally tested.  In my testing the Swing Caddie SC200 was bang on.  Plus, I contacted the company and they sent me testing data they did a the Golf Laboratories Testing Facility with a clone of Iron Byron.

If you are looking for this type of data in a portable device at an affordable price I highly recommend the Swing Caddie SC200.

swing caddie sc200

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Not only does the Swing Caddie SC200 give you exceptional data it also has 3 different modes:


This is the mode you will use most.  It gives you all the data you need as you are hitting all of your clubs.  This incldues:

  • swing speed
  • ball speed
  • carry distance
  • smash factor

Simply use the remote to switch to this mode and start hitting shots.  The device will read out the data and a voice will read it out as well.


This is used to dial in the different distances for any of your clubs.  You set the distance.  The Swing Caddie reads it out before and after your shot.  You can even track your stats.


This is super exciting.  Once you set it to this mode it will randomly pick a yardage from 100 yards and in so you can start dialing in your approach distances.  You want to hit amazing approach shots?  This mode will get you dialing in these shots in no time.

swing caddie sc200

Regular $349.99

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ONLY $289.99

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Warning: A portable launch monitor is not for you to just see how hard you can hit the ball.   you are using a device like this over time to see if the swing or equipment changes you are making are impacting your swing.  Use the device properly to get the most out of it.

Disclaimer: At times, I receive compensation from the companies whose products I review. In no way does this sway my opinion.  My goal is to bring you only products that work and will be beneficial to your game.  I test all products personally before recommending them.