Sterling Single Length Irons Review

"Change Your Club Not Your Swing For All Irons"


Looking for single length irons?  Check out my Sterling Single Length Irons review above.  If you don't know, single length irons have recently been made popular by upcoming tour star, Bryson DeChambeau.  If you're in the marketing for a new iron set, I highly recommend the Sterling Single Length Irons.  Read more below ...

Traditional Irons vs. Single Length Irons

The difference between traditional irons and single length irons is that single length are just that. They're all cut to the length of either a 7 or 8 iron.  This means that you'll no longer be adjusting your swing, stance width or ball position for the different irons in your bag.  Just take your 7 or 8 iron set up fo all clubs.  It's that simple. With this one set up, you'll gain consistency and more power because you're comfortable with all irons you hit.

Why I Tried Single Length Clubs

I remember many years ago looking at a set of Moe Norman single length irons in our pro shop.  This was back in the 90's so I would say these were the first single length clubs ever sold commercially.  Back then, you couldn't demo clubs so I never got hit them but they were always in the back of my mind as a way of improving consistency.

Since then, other companies have released single length irons but being a better player they just didn't look like the kind of clubs I wanted to play.  I hate to say it but I just didn't like the look and quality of these other clubs.

Recently, I got a call from Jaacob Bowden (co-creator of Sterling Irons) to try out the Sterling Single Length Irons.  At first glance, I thought this was a great looking set of irons that I would actually consider trying.  They looked similar to my TaylorMade RSI Forger TP irons that I am currently playing.

Because they had this look of a better club, I had a set custom made for me all at 7 iron length and stiff shafts.  I have never been so exited to hit a set of irons on my life.  No joke.

The Benefits of Single Length Irons:

- increase consistency
- on center hit consistency
- easier to hit longer clubs
- same feel with all clubs
- same length
- same head weight
- same total weight
- same balance point
- you take your same 7 iron stance
- take the same ball position
- you swing on the same plane

The Designer Tom Wishon

Tom has been a club designer for over 30 years.  With over 300 club designs over the years he certainly knows his stuff.  The didn't rush it.  It took over 2 years to design and test the Sterling Single Length Irons.  This commitment to design and quality was truly impressive to me.


After finally hitting a top quality set of single length irons, I can honestly say I was impressed with not only the look but the feel as well.  If you're in the market for single length iron I highly Recommend Sterling Irons.  It will take you a little while to get used to them because they are different but once you do, you will never go back.

Disclosure: At times, I receive compensation from the companies whose products I review. In no way does this sway my opinion.  My goal is to bring you only products that work and will be beneficial to your game.  I test all products personally before recommending them.