Swing Speed Radar Review

IMPORTANT:  Due to shipping issues, I no longer promote the Swing Speed Radar.  Instead, I recommend all 3 versions of the Swing Caddie.  You can watch my review of the Swing Caddie SC200 below:

Watch My Swing Caddie Review Here

If you are looking for a portable launch monitor the Swing Speed Radar will do the trick. There are 2 versions to choose from that accurately measure your swing speed within 1 mph says the inventor, Al Dilz. It does this by using Doppler Radar. This is also why these launch monitors are only available in USA and Canada from this site. There is a link below for some European countries.

The blue radar unit measures only your swing speed while the red unit measures swing speed and tempo. This is a great addition if you would like to develop a consistent swing.

Due to its size, the Swing Speed Radar can be easily carried with your in your golf bag. Once at the range, simply turn it on, unfold the stand and you are ready to go. It’s large LCD display allows you to read your swing speed without bending over or straining.

I am not writing this review without even trying the product. I have used the Swing Speed Radar with my students for years so I can highly recommend it as a great portable launch monitor.

Below you will find the 2 versions. Once you decide which one which unit you like you will be taken to my Ignition Golf Tips website to place your order. Your order will then be forwarded to the manufacturer who will ship the item through first class mail to both US and Canadian locations.

Warning: When people get portable launch monitors they want to take it to the range and swing as hard as they can to see how fast they can swing. This is NOT how to use a monitor like this. You should be using in conjunction with working on your golf swing. Use it to gauge how your swing is improving not how fast you can get the unit up to. If you work on the right swing fundamentals you will see your swing speed gradually increase making and investment like this worthwhile.