Live View Pro Review

Watch My Review Below of the Most Amazing Golf Training Aid.

"Golf Digest Editor's Choice for Best Training Aid 2017, 2018 and 2019"


Until now, every time I work on my swing, at home or at the range, I use a mirror or I video my swing on my phone.  Not anymore.  The Live View Pro golf training aid allows me to see any angle of my swing and see them instantly on my ipad right sitting in front of me.  That's right.  I make swings or hit shots and can see any angle I want ... instantly.

I don't have to have a mirror to see the down the line view.

I don't need to record on my phone.

This is live.  This is instant.  This means you will learn better and faster than ever!

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The Live View Pro Is Simple To Use

You can use the Live View Pro both at home and at the range.   All you do is set it up on the angle you are trying to see.  You then connected it to your ipad.  Once connected you place the ipad in front of you on the ground.  Now as you swing you can see the angle you are trying to see in the ipad.  So the Live View Pro is like a digital mirror.

Another amazing feature:

Not only can you see exactly what you are doing as you do it but you can also drawn lines and angles on the screen.  To do this you record a swing.  Then in the included software yo draw the lines and/or angle you want.  You place the ipad back in front of you.  Now when you hit balls you can still see the lines you drew on the screen so you can use them to work on your swing. See below:

Use the Live View Pro To:

Work On Your Set Up

set up

Work On Your Backswin Length

backswing top

Work On Your Head Position

head position

Cure Your Chicken Wing

cure chicken wing

Check Your Takeaway


Work On Your Backswing or Swing Plane


Work On Your Spine Tilt

spine tilt

Cure Your Slide

cure your slide

Use It For Your Short Game Too

Not only can you use the Live View Pro for the full swing but you can use it for the short game too.  All you do is tilt it downward. Draw a center line on the screen.  Now as you make your putting stroke you can see your face angle through impact.

putting top
putting side

Now Do You See How Amazing The Live View Pro Is?

We all work on our swing and our short game.  There are many different ways we can do this.  For me, I will be using the Live View Pro because:

  • It saves time
  • I can make changes faster
  • It gives me instant feedback
  • I can draw lines on the screen and see them as I swing
  • I can use it for short game too
  • I can use it indoors or at the range

There are some of the reasons I will be using it.  You might think of more but those are pretty solid.  If you know me or what teach you will know that I only promote products that work.  The Live View Pro definitely works and in my honest opinion this is the best training aid for golf.  Pick up yours by clicking the big orange button below:

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Disclaimer: At times, I receive compensation from the companies whose products I review. In no way does this sway my opinion.  My goal is to bring you only products that work and will be beneficial to your game.  I test all products personally before recommending them.