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If you’re in Las Vegas and would like to take private or group lessons with me please take a look at my pricing below and contact me to check my availability.  Lesson length is determined by how much work you think you need to work on your swing and/or if you need to work on any short game elements.  People typically book 4 hours per day for 1 to 3 days but it's totally up to you and your budget.


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NOTE: 2 Hour Minimum For Out of Town Students.  I cannot get through everything in 1 hour.

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If you would like to book lesson, please contact me below:

702 - 425 - 4111


info [at]


Bear’s Best Las Vegas
11111 W Flamingo Rd
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Can't Make It To Las Vegas for Lessons?  No Problem

If you can't make it here for lessons no problem.  We can now work with anyone, anywhere in the world through my new app called COACHLINK.  Simple download it onto your phone.  If we are online you can connect with us instantly through video on your phone or tablet.  If we can see you we can help you.   There are no appointments.  This is live, instantly coaching.  Find out more here:

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If you have any questions, please contact us here:

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    Paul. Thanks for the wonderful day!. I learned a ton and you are a very patient teacher!!  You are an excellent coach and mentor!  Your explanations of physics are terrific!

    Andy Cohen

    I wanted to thank you for putting up with me for 8 hours a couple of weeks back and also wanted you to know that I have continued to “make the move” and I will say it is getting easier for Spring I’ll look like I can shoot 65!

    Terry Masters

    Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated and benefitted from the Time Annie and I spent with you and Pete in May. My consistency is up and my scores are down. Great Session.

    Thank you,

    Paul Gawchik

    Hi Paul,

    I just wanted you to know that I have practiced what you taught me during the winter.  I joined some of my playing group for just the back nine today and shot 39.  Almost all of my shots were 90 percent or better and had I putted a little better it would have been 36. My course has had senior open qualifiers as well as state opens and no pro scores low on this course.

    Darrel Stutesman

    Hi Paul

    My 2-hour lesson with you back in late february, as you might imagine, was just as inspiring as the short lessons you were putting out for revolution golf.  No doubt, there is no substitute for one on one guidance.

    I'm impressed with how you are trying to provide guidelines to create a simple approach to the golf swing.  I believe in them all.


    Glenn Togawa


    Had a lesson with you a week ago Friday.

    Just returned home and wanted to send a follow-up "thank you" for a very worthwhile two hours.  All your inputs will put me on the path to being a better golfer, but I believe the lower body stability on the coiling is going to be huge for me.  Some how I missed this in your video tips and in fact has never been something I've ever considered in my golfing life.

    Hope to see you about this same time again next year-- as a slightly more polished golfer.

    Bob Foerster


    It wasn't a password problem.  Password is fine, that's not an issue.  I was watching your (fabulous) tip, and I got popped out and couldn't get back in.  I am now in, with no problem.  If it happens again, I'll give you a heads up.

    I can't tell you what an improvement I'm seeing in my ball-striking...level shoulders, hold the Y on the way back, weight shift to right foot, knee-flex held, drive left knee to right knee, shifting weight to the left leg, hit the head between the ears.  If you had told me this 40 years ago, I would have whipped, Palmer, Nicklaus and Player.  Driver is strong, rescues excellent, irons even better, but struggling with 3 wood...cutting it, and leaving it out to the right.  Don't dare yet to take it out to the course.


    Robert Horgan

    Hi Paul,

    What a treat for me to meet you personally last week and to spent a couple of days working with you one on one. I am gradually working through my list of changes that you suggested and as you predicted, the early returns are very mixed. I am doing a lot of practice swings and drills and I do hit just enough very good shots to give me  a glimpse of what is possible.

    Thanks again for all the help and best wishes.

    Tim Loftus