How To Hit A Knock Down Shot

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In this tip I explain how to hit a knock down shot. This shot is absolutely essential if you want to play good golf. This is the shot you go to when you have a bade lie, if you are hitting into the wind or even if you aren’t feeling confident setting up to your shot or even just for the fun of it.

The knock down shot creates a descending blow on the back on the ball which ensures contact with the ball first. In doing so, you basically eliminate fat shots and hit it cleanly. To perfect this descending blow takes a few setup changes and some practice but it is definitely worth it.

Make sure you watch this tip and take notes so you can try the out the knockdown shot the next time you get to practice.

Transcription – How To Hit A Knockdown Shot

In this tip I want to talk about knock down shot, or the punch shot. With this shot there’s actually a bit of secret to it. I know you’ve probably all tried this shot at same point, and you’ve been unsuccessful. Because very few people can actually hit this shot well. Well, like I said, there’s a secret to it, and I’ll get to that in a few minutes. Now, let’s take a look at this shot. When are we going to hit a punch shot or a knock down shot. Well, it’s a little low shot, it takes off on a very low trajectory. So, we want to play this shot when we’re hitting the ball into the wind, or let’s say we have a tree branch we have to go under, or we’re going to play this shot when we’re in a divot mark on the golf course, or a hole, or a bad lie. We’re doing that, because what happens with this shot, if done properly, the golf club is in a descending position as it hits the ball. So, what that means is, if we got a ball like this, the golf club is coming in on its way down. It’s moving severely downward as oppose to just slightly downward. So, when the club is descending severely that’s going to shoot the ball out more on a lower trajectory as oppose to coming in this way, where the ball would take off on a higher trajectory. So, a descending below, that’s what we want to accomplish with this shot, and then we will be able to hit it in all sorts of different poor conditions. So, how do we get this shot or what is it all about.

Well, we want to hit this shot with different golf clubs, we can hit it with about 6 iron and down. If you want to be successful with it. I’ve tried it with 5 iron and up, and it’s a very difficult shot. You could actually do it, but it is very, very difficult. And that’s because we’re going to be putting our golf club in a position that’s got our hands well ahead of the golf ball. So, if we take our golf club like this, and we move our hands well forward, we’re taking the loft of the club off of it. So, if we get to a 5 iron, and we de-loft it, there is very little loft on a golf club. So, it’s going to be very difficult to get the ball even airborne. So, try to stick to about 6 iron, and less. Especially if you’re just starting out trying this shot. Because, you want to get good at it first, and then see how high up in your golf clubs you can go. We’ve got the golf club, we know where we going to do it. Now, let’s take a look at how to do it. So, for this shot what we want to do, we want to make a little bit of the setup adjustment, we’re going to, I’ll show you with a 7 iron here first. So, this is going to be same for any golf clubs. Seven iron all the way down to sand wedge, we’re going to be playing the ball off of the back in step of our foot. Our foot square to our target line, ball is off the back in step. With the forward foot, I’m going to put that in a position that’s a little bit open, which means, if this is square, it’s just dropped back a little bit. That just helps me get through the shot a little bit better. Also, I do a little bit of a narrower stands. If this is my normal, medium iron stands, I would be dropping it back a little bit, and just narrowing my stands a little bit. I just feel a little bit more comfortable with that, and I’m going to be feeling a little bit of weight over on this leg. So, if I’ve got a wider stands, it’s just not a comfortable position for me, it’s just very difficult to get setup properly.

So, here we go. We’ve got the ball off the back in step. We’ve got a little bit of a narrower stands. It’s in an open position. Now, as far as the club itself is concerned, we’re taking the club, and we’re leaning it forward. This is the secret, one of the secrets to this shot. We take the golf club, and we’re holding the golf club in a 3 knuckle grip position, or a strong grip position. So, you can see my grip right here. I’m holding on the side of the golf club. With this bottom hand I’m bringing it over and I’m also holding it in a strong position. So, the way you can check this is, if you just bring your club back, until your grip is in the proper grip position, you can see that the face is very, very closed. So, if I do that, and I put the golf club down, and then just push my hands forward, that is the correct grip position we want to have be on a golf club with. So, we’re in a very, very strong position. Now, here’s the problem. Most average players when they hit a golf ball, they do so and their arms buckle. That’s because these muscles are contracting, because they’re trying to hit the ball so hard with their arms. In that process, when the arms buckle the grip of the golf club falls behind the head. Now, if the grip falls behind the head, it ends up closing the face. So, if you’ve ever tried this shot and you’ve hooked the ball way to the left, that’s what’s happening. Your hands are not making contact enough ahead of the ball, and that is the secret to the shot. You’re in a very strong grip position. So, if you don’t hit the ball with your hands back in that position, if they’re even just slightly behind the ball, or behind their original position on contact, you will hit a hook.

So, typically what’s happened is, people tried this shot a few times, they end up hitting big hooks, and they give up on it. Because they can’t seem to get rid of this hook. Well, really, all you have to do is feel the hands get a little bit more ahead through impact, and then you’ll end up hitting it dead straight. And this is one shot you really want to master, because it can really benefit your game. So, here is the idea. In our setup position our hands are well forward. We’re in our strong grip. At this point here, I’m going to feel about 70 percent of the weight over on my left or forward leg. That’s going to help me to create this descending blow onto the back of the golf ball. The next thing I want to do or the final sort of thing is, I want to get a feeling that I’m picking the golf club up as I go back into the backswing. So, from right here I feel like I’m picking the club up, so then I can get into this descending position when I hit the ball. I don’t want to do this big long kind of wide swing this way, because like I say, we need this golf club to be hitting down. So, as it hits down, the ball will be forced forward in a lower trajectory. So, here we go. I’m going to show you have to do this shot right here. So, I’ve got my hands ahead, ball is back. I’m just literally picking the club up…and hitting down. Now, you might have noticed there that I abbreviated the follow through position. Now, that’s happening because the golf club is descending. So, when a golf club descends like this, it hits the ground, and that kind of takes all the energy out of the golf shot, and the club ends up only going to this position. I don’t have to do this big follow through on this shot. Like I said, the club is in such a descending position, it’s going to hit the ground, which is going to slow down the golf club quite severely, and then we just follow through a little bit, just because we don’t want to stop right at impact.

So, let me just demonstrate again. I’m just picking the golf club up. From here, going to pick it up…and I’m hitting that shot with my hands well ahead of the golf ball. So, it’s pretty simple in one sense, but difficult in another, in the sense that if the grip falls behind the head, you’re really going to have difficulty hitting the shot. So, maybe you do some practice swings first when you learn the shot. Just kind of pick the golf club up like this, and focus on the grip of the golf club. Focus on pulling a grip this way first allowing the golf club to then make contact with the ball. So, we don’t want to be in situation where we’re up here, and we’re kind of moving this club to trying hit or scope the ball in any way. If you do that the face will come through close, and you will hook it. Pretty severely. So, maybe that’s a good drill that you do, just to get a feel for that position. So, we go like this, we keep burning it down like this, with our grip ahead of a face. That’s a great way to get a feel for this shot. So, I think you understand the concept. Now, one area that you want to hit this shot, or get good at hitting this shot in, is when you’re in a divot mark. A divot can be a very scary situation. So, let’s say your ball has ended up in this divid mark like this. Well, in a situation like that you definitely want to hit a knock down, or a punch shot from this situation. And I say that because first, this is a scary shot. So, if you’re in a situation where there is doubt that you’re going to hit the shot properly or not, you will most likely look to see what you’ve done to the shot. So, if you’re here, and you’re looking up at this shot, you’re going to top it right out of this divid mark. So, what we want to do, if we play the ball back in our stands, and we’ve got more of a descending position, or descending angle of attack, that’s going to hit the ball first, which is going to get it out of the divot mark like this, without a problem.

So, let me just demonstrate here. So, I’ve got the ball back in my stands, hands are well ahead, I feel the weight over, about 70 percent on this side. I pick the club up…and the ball is hit quit well out of that divot. That was a nice trajectory there, and I didn’t really have the problem there at all. So, let’s just recap what we’ve got here. We’re hitting a knock down, or a punch shot. The ball is played back in our stands. We’re doing that on purpose, so that helps us get a descending blow. So, we’re playing it off our back in step. Our forward foot is in a little bit of a narrower stands. And it’s dropped back in a bit of an open position to help us get through this shot a little bit easier. When we do our grip position our hands are well forward. We’re in a 3 knuckle grip position, and we’re holding on the side of the golf club. You can check that again by doing your normal grip. If you just do your normal grip position, like this, you do your normal grip, and then just take the club face and turn it on about 45 degree angle. You’ve got your normal grip on, club is at about 45 degree angle. If you put this behind the ball, and you just square it, that will put your hands well ahead of the golf club. So, from right here we need to pick the golf club up, and we’re going to hit down on the ball. Making sure that our hands come through well ahead. So, I’ll do it once more for you. You pick it up…hit down, and we’re going to abbreviate the follow through. Go through those steps, try to practice this as much as you can and make sure you’re watching your ball to see if it’s going straight or not. If you keep hooking it, keep getting the hands a little bit more ahead. If you can do that, you’re going to be very successful at the knock down and punch shots. Make sure you ask your questions, leave your comments below, I’m more than happy to answer them.

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