Golf Hip Turn Drills

Transcription: Golf Hip Turn Drills

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In this tip, I’m going to give you a golf hip turn drill to help you start your lower body a little bit better in your downswing. So, in the past, we’ve talked about coiling up our upper body, and then I want you to be using your lower body to hit the golf ball instead of just trying to hit it with your hands and arms. If the golf swing was just as easy as hitting the golf ball with your hands and arms, you’d probably be good by now. But, there’s people who’ve been playing this for many, many years, and they’re still spinning their wheels, they’re not getting any better. What I’m getting at is, the golf swing is totally different than anything you’ve ever done. You’re actually hitting the golf ball by using your legs and hips instead of your hands and arms. The hands and arms are going to come down to hit the ball because they’re connected to your body. Your legs are your motor to your golf swing, the body is what’s going to be turned, by your legs, which is going to move your arms. What we want to try to do is we want to try and get used to moving our lower body in the early stages of the downswing.

In a previous tip, I explained that once we hit the top of the backswing position and we make our first move down, we’re going to be in a position here where our hips have rotated 45° on a 90° shoulder rotation, well, by the time this left arm hits parallel to the ground, our hips will be back at the ball. That means we’ve had 45° rotation in our lower body in a millisecond, so as soon as we make this move, instantly, we’ve turn 45°. And that’s because by the time we hit the golf ball, our hips are going to be another 45° open at the moment of impact. So we need 90° of rotation in a quarter of a second. So if you’re not thinking of using this lower body, I guarantee you’re going to be hitting that golf ball with your hands and arms. You’re going to end up being flat-footed, and your hips won’t be turning properly through the shot.

This drill is going to help you get the lower body moving properly. So, all it is, basically going to have you take the golf club all the way to the top like this, and right here, all we’re going to do is, we’re going to hold our arms up here, we’re going to take our hips and we’re going to point them back at the golf ball. A good way to think of it is thinking of your belt buckle, take your belt buckle, point your belt buckle back at the ball. You go up to the top like this, just hold it here, and then just start turning your belt buckle back to the ball while your arms are still up in the backswing position.

I know that this drill is going to take a bit of time to get, I get a lot of people to try this drill, and you know, if they’ve never used their lower body before, they’re very uncoordinated with it. So, you want to take your time and you want to kind of be doing this as much as you can, just do it around the house, on a nightly basis, do it on the golf course, maybe there’s a group in front of you and you’re waiting for them to tee off, you’re just sitting there like this and you’re trying to get used to this initial move in the downswing. If you keep doing it over and over, you’re going to get a little bit better at it and, of course, you’ll be able to work that into your actual golf swing.

So, try to do them, as many as you can. Once you get a feel for it, you’re going to start to incorporate that into your swing, from there, keep rotating through to our touching of the legs position, and all of a sudden, you’re going to start hitting the golf ball more with your body instead of using your hands and arms. That’s the golf hip turn drill for today, try and do that as much as humanly possible, I’m telling you that will make the world of difference in your golf swing.

All the best,

Paul Wilson

Founder - Ignition Golf
Creator - The Body Swing
Creator - Swing Machine Golf