Golf Backswing Coil

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In this tip I talk about the golf backswing coil. The whole idea behind developing a consistent golf swing is to base your swing on the creation of torque. Why? Because torque repeats 100% of the time in life. Think of it this way, if your body was like a giant spring and you coiled it up it would get tight. Once coiled, it would uncoil every time, 100% of the time.

This consistency is what you are after if you are trying to develop a consistent swing. The problem is people try to go back too far or they avoid this tightness whereas better players are using this tightness to hit their shots. So instead of just taking the club back and whacking at the ball try something different. Try the backswing coil I mention in this video and uncoiling of your lower your body while allowing the arms to go along for the ride. If you do, you will hit the ball more consistently than every before.

All the best,

Paul Wilson

Founder - Ignition Golf
Creator - The Body Swing
Creator - Swing Machine Golf