How to Cure Skying

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In this tip I teach you how to cure skying. This is a very frustrating shot for most people because the ball doesn’t actually contact the club face it hits the very top of the club.

In order for the ball to contact the clubface you have to keep your body behind the ball in the downswing. Once you do, the club swings more parallel to the ground or even on the way up as a contacts the ball giving you a solid contact as opposed to the descending below created when you get ahead of the ball.

Getting ahead of the ball is caused because you are trying to hit the ball solely with your hands and arms. So make sure when you watch this tip you understand that to stop skying the ball you have to turn off the arms, use the lower body which keeps you behind it in the downswing.

There’s also the drill you can do that will allow you to prevent skyed shots quite easily. So make sure you try that the next time you go out to the range. if you do you you make better contact immediately.

All the best,

Paul Wilson

Founder - Ignition Golf
Creator - The Body Swing
Creator - Swing Machine Golf