How To Cure A Golf Pull

Transcription: How To Cure A Golf Pull

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In this tip I am going to teach you how to stop pulling the golf ball. I’ve seen lot of questions and comments, and a lot of people tend to pull a golf ball a little bit to the left, for a right handed golfer when they’re hitting their shots. So, what we want to do is understand why we’re pulling it.

Well, if you’re pulling the golf ball, what’s happening is, you’re in a position where the golf club is swinging what’s called over the top. So, from right here, if we imagine that there is a plain line underneath, through my body, and out the other end. That’s our swing plain. From right here, we want our golf club to stay on that plain, to about here, then it’s going to leave the plain. Then as we come down, it’s going to flatten and be parallel to that plain and then back on plain as we’re coming in to impact, and through. OK? So, it will still be on plain, then it will leave a plain a little bit as well, into the finish, OK? But what we’re concerned about is this area here. Now, if you’re ‘over the top’, what that means is, your golf club is swinging to the top like this, and then it’s coming down, but it’s swinging to the left. From right here it’s ‘over the top’ of this plain. So, that causes the golf club to swing to the left. Now, if you’re hitting a golf ball with the face square, with a club moving to the left, you will hit the ball straight to the left. If the face is even more closed, you will hit it left, and then it will spin even further left. So, that’s called ‘a pool hook’. So, some of this stuff will apply for ‘a pool hook’ as well. And I’ll try to get to that towards the end. But, what you need to know is, your golf club is swinging to the left. The face is square to that path, it’s very simple.

Now, what we have to do is, we have to stop the club from coming over the top. Now, let’s understand why it’s coming over the top. The golf club is coming over the top because you’re trying to hit with the arms. Your arms are starting the down swing first. In that process what happens is, you go to the top like this, your arms are moving before your body is moving. In that process your body, your upper body starts to tip a little bit to the left. And in that process that determines that the path of the golf club will swing to the left. If you don’t believe me, just go out to the driving range, hit a bunch of shots, and tilt to the left, and watch where your ball goes. Then tilt to the right and see where your ball goes. Your body affects the direction of your shot. If the ball is going a little to the left, your body is tilted left on the way down. It maybe fractionally, it maybe just for a millisecond, but keep in mind that as soon as you start the path, and it’s determined at the top, if you’re a little bit over the top, you will be over the top by the time you hit the golf ball. That’s because from here to there is a quarter of the second in time. You can’t change the path once you’ve determined it. So, if we’re up to the top like this, and in this first instance you move a tiny, tiny bit to the left, you will hit the ball to the left. Because the path is over the top. And if the face is squared to that path, that’s what I’m assuming. OK? So, we need to stop our body from tilting to the left in the down swing. Now, throughout the years I’ve carried a million pulls in my life, and this works every single time, so all we have to do is we have to get the body starting before the golf club moves. Now, we’re going to take a look now again from here, the concept is simple. In a golf swing you have mass, and it’s swinging around an axes. So, here’s our axes, here’s the mass swinging around it.

Easiest way to think about it is a wait on a piece of strength. If you picked it up, and you twirled it, the hand is always one step ahead of the weight. If you pick up the weight and you twirl it, the weight will always want to go to 90 degrees to the access where the hand, it will allows want to go to the 90 degrees, if it’s moving it’s fastest. So, if we’re up at our, top of our back swing. This our way, this is our string, this is you twirling it. If we’re up to the top like this all we have to do is start this first, and get it to head of this. If we do, this will want to go to 90 degrees. That means it’s not going away from 90 degrees any more. If I’m right here, and I turn my body, it will flatten. Now I’ll be in a situation where the club is swinging out of the ball, instead of over the top. And in the process of using my lower body, we’ll just take a look at it from here, if I use my lower body in my down swing, it’s like hitting the accelerator on a car. When I go like this my upper body falls backwards. That means that I’ll be tilted slightly to the right when I hit the ball, instead of tilted to the left. OK?

So, we’re going to cure a pull, by understanding a pull. The golf club is slightly over the top. The face is square to that line. That means that our wrist are working, because the face is square. If our wrist are all locked up, you would be slicing the ball. You’re not doing that, so it’s not even a hands and arms problem at all. In the three elements I teach, wrists loose, body rotation, and constant forward tilt our wrist are loose in our golf swing, because the face is square. It’s a body problem. Because we’re swinging a little over the top. If we tilt left, the ball will start left. So, we need to fix the body, body rotational problem, OK? So, all we’re doing is, we’re getting to the top, we’re not going to be hitting anymore. Totally relax our arms. We’re going to use the lower body to initiate the down swing, and in that process we’re going to tip a little to the right, and then we’re going to have a path slightly from the inside. So, what you want to do, do a couple of drills to get you the proper feeling. OK? First one is just this. You go to the top, like this. And take your belt buckle, and point it back at the golf ball. Try to keep your hands up here, because we need the lower body ahead of the golf club. OK? So, we got to get our lower body ahead of the club. That will get our body starting first, the club will flattened and then be swinging out at it on the way down. Next thing we can do is just hold our golf club up in the air, like this. If you hold the club up in the air, and you do practice swings, there is no ball to hit. So, if there’s no ball to hit, that will allow you to relax your arms, and get the body rotation ahead of the golf club. If I do it towards the camera, I’ll just exaggerate it for you, so you can see the actual movement. And then you need to apply this to your golf swing. So, from right here, you’re going to see my body move first, and then the club come wiping through. Right here. I’m just exaggerating a little bit. OK? But that’s what we need, we need our body to get ahead of the golf club. So, from right here you see my body move and then the club comes wiping through. OK? So, holding the golf club up in the air is a great way to feel your body getting ahead of the golf club. If your body gets ahead, the club shaft will flattened, then it will be swinging out of the ball. OK? So, one of the thing, if you’re pull hooking the ball, you’ve basically got the same thing, you’re over the top, so the club is swinging to the left, is just the face a little too closed.

So, in that case I would definitely check the grip so that you neutralized your grip, because if your grip is strong and you role this over, you’re going to close the face, and you’re going to get right to left curvature of a pull hook for a right handed golfer. OK? So, definitely check your grip, make sure it’s neutralized. If you still pull hooking it, make sure you’re not thinking of that rolling miss over. You don’t have to think about rolling that over, because the club face is already going to square, and then beyond square. All you have to do is get the lower body initiating the down swing, and then for you too, the golf club will flattened and then you’ll turn that pull hook properly into a draw. So, that would be a lot better shot than pull hooking it, that’s for sure. OK? So, hopefully you get it, turn the arms off, quit trying to hit the ball so hard, especially from up here, OK? Turn the arms off, initiate with the lower, that will flattened the club, and then you’ll swing out at it, and you’ll fix your pull. And if you fix your grip, you’ll fix a pull hook too. OK? Please, ask your questions, post your comments below. I’ll try to get through as many as I can.

All the best,

Paul Wilson

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