The Correct Putting Setup

Transcription – The Correct Putting Setup

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Hi, my name is Paul Wilson, I’m the creator of Swing Machine Golf, and the Director of the Paul Wilson Golf School at Bear’s Best Las Vegas.

In this tip I’m going to talk about your putting setup. In a previous tip I talked about the grip, now we’re going to work on our setup, and then in a future tip I’m going to show you the correct putting stroke. So, as far as our setup concerned, there is a few different areas we have to talk about. Now, if you want to vary them a little bit, I’m OK with that. I don’t need you to do an exact position here. I want you to do what’s comfortable for you. If you’re comfortable, then you’re going to be able to create the correct putting stroke, and you’re going to be able to putt very well. So, just use this as a guideline if you can kind a stay within this, then that’s fine. First thing we want to talk about is our stands with. As far as our stands is concerned, I’d like people to take a medium stands. I don’t like the stands too narrow, because on the windy day you’re going to be a little bit out of balance here. I don’t like the stands too wide, because your potter could potentially bottom out back behind the golf ball and hit the grass. If we just do a medium stands, that’s going to be ideal. Now, your medium stands, that’s just like the medium stands in your full swing with your 8, 9 pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge. I would do stands about this wide. For those golf clubs I’m going to do that same stands with for putting. That’s pretty simple. If you like it a little bit wider, little bit narrower I’m fine with it. Just kind of realize that, you know, you want to be doing that medium stands.

As far as our feet are concerned, just looking at your feet, you can have your feet turned in, you can have one out, one in, it really doesn’t matter. Personally I have my forward foot turned out a little tiny bit. I just do that just because that’s comfortable to me. There is no reason for doing it. You can even have your feet straight if you want, doesn’t matter. Do what’s comfortable for you. As far as our ball position is concerned, with our ball position, what we want to do, we want to play it a little inside this forward foot here. So, for me, if I did my setup, I’ll be at that much, that much right there inside my forward heel. So, I’m playing it a little forward of center, and I’m doing that because if you play the ball too far back, the putter will be on its way down, as it hits the ball. So, it’s going to hit the ball, enforces the ball into the grass, and then ends up bouncing as you hit the pot. So, if your putts are bouncing, you might want to play the ball a little more forward. Then the putter will be on its way up as it hits the ball. And that allows the ball to hug the grass a little bit better, and puts a better role on it. So, you want to play the ball a little forward in your stands. Now that we’ve got that, we have to do our body positions. As far as the body positions are concerned, let’s take a look from this angle, and then you’ll see what I’m trying to do here. So, from right here, what I’m trying to do, I add a little bit of knee flex, not a lot, just a tiny bit, and then I’m trying to bend from the waist like this to trying get my eyes over top of the ball.

Now, there is people that are real sticklers for having those eyes exactly over top of this. They’ll sit here, and measure this, and get you exactly over top of the ball. I don’t care so much if they’re close. That’s fine. I think my eyes are a little bit inside the line of the ball. I’m OK with it. Because I’m a good putter that way. So, a way to get it, just kind of bend like this from a waist, your upper body here will be overhanging your toe line, and your eyes are pretty much over top of the ball. And you do that, because when you swivel your head you want to be looking down the line, that you’re going to be putting on. So, if I’m here, and I swivel my head I’m seeing a little bit clear line. So, if my eyes, if I’m way out here, I have to look out to my line, and I may not see it properly. So, we’re just bending from the waist here, and we’re trying to get our eyes over top of the ball. One other thing I want you to be aware of, is just your weight distribution. When you overhang your toe line like that, try not to feel like you’re on your toes or on your heels. Just stay very balanced in the middle of your stands. So, from right here I’m pretty much ready to go. There is one other thing I want to talk about, and that’s just the length of your putter. So, if we have a putter that is too short for us, we’re going to be in a position where our arms are very extended here. So, you don’t want to be putting with your arms totally extended. If you do, what’s going to happen is, you’re going to hit your putts long all the time.

So, that’s what I’ve seen over the years, because this creates too long of, kind a like a pendulum here, and people that do this tend to hit all their putts long, they don’t really have the same kind of feel, and they get all stiff and locked up. So, you don’t want to be setting up with your arms perfectly straight. You want to have your elbows kind of against your sides like this, and you’re going to burn your hands in together, so that were in this type of position. So, you just have your elbows against your sides, and then move your hands in together, and this is the area that we want to be holding on to the putter. So, you can see my elbows are a little bit bend, when I do my putting stroke. That keeps me nice and relaxed, and I get a good feel from that position. So, it’s pretty much it for the setup, it’s pretty simple, you’re really in a position where you’re over top of the ball. Just remember the ball position, your weight distribution, OK? Try not to have too wide of the stands. And if we can get into this position, we’re going to be pretty comfortable so that when I teach you how to apply the correct putting stroke you’re going to be nicely comfortable, and you’re going to be able to do that quite well. OK? Make sure you ask your questions, post your comments below, I’ll try to get to it as many as I can.

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Paul Wilson

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