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Mr. Paul Wilson: I received the DVD package in two days only with UPS. Thank you for this great work you did for lovers of golf like myself and many others. Now, after viewing it, I can say that I found the tool to achieve my learning. I understand much better how the swing works and how to work and practice at home during this winter.

I understand for the first time the importance of touching knees together to produce a strong effortless swing without arms and hands being involved. I am very happy and congratulations to you all. Thank you.

Benoit B.



FYI: I purchased your book last year and I was impressed by the quality and effectiveness of your teaching. Now the DVD set just makes the whole package more than perfect (what a DVD, amazing!). The quality, set-up and organization is great.

I have read and viewed a lot of golf books and DVDs, but yours is by far a winner. I wish you lots of success and thank you for your generous insight.

R. Magsoudi


Dear Paul,

I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say just how satisfied I am with the new Swing Machine Golf DVDs. You were right, they really were worth the wait! And there was me thinking the book was great…! Since I’ve received the DVDs I haven’t stopped watching them. Two things struck me immediately, one, it really is amazing how similar your swing is to Iron Byron and two, your backswing. The hardest part for me to copy has been the backswing as I have always taken the club too far to the inside. I noticed on the DVDs just how “loose” even your backswing is! It really is a joy to watch!

Although 2005 was a great year for me from a golfing point of view, I really want to make 2006 even better. The DVDs are really going to help me take my game to another level! I know you are probably exhausted after the long game DVDs and contemplating a well-earned rest, however what are your plans for a short game DVD/book and specialty shots DVD/book? Just interested!

Anyway, thanks again and congratulations on a wonderful method!

Best regards,

Philip N.



Just a quick note to thank you for the email tips I’ve been receiving since purchasing your book. The DVD’s I purchased in December have been a great addition to the lessons in the book. They tied everything together, as I am more visual than analytical.

Both were well worth the price.

Douglas R.



Hi Paul

The DVDs are awesome; the way you teach is perfectly clear and to the point with no fluff. I like the human nature part, and the pressure points of what you should be feeling when trying the new swing. Keep up the good work and I hope you have great success with the DVD.

Joe C.



Now that I have been using the DVDs, the book is getting more attention as well. I now use the book for a convenient quick reference when I don’t have time to boot the DVDs up.

Watching Paul in action on the DVDs as he explains and demonstrates the various parts of the swing has resulted in a much better understanding of the same principles as they are described in the book.

It’s a real one-two punch and I am now seeing some real positive results that were very slow in coming before.

Frank K.



After some eighteen months in the making Paul Wilson’s Swing Machine Golf DVD’s have been completed. Visits to the author’s website found the release month changing on a monthly basis. So much so that the product appeared to be vaporware. In the end, that has proved not to be so. Professionally compiled, this high quality four DVD set is a work of art. Following the layout of the book, Wilson presents his theories in an easy to understand and very follow-able fashion. Any misunderstandings a viewer may have had re the principle of effortless arms is removed and his claims that following the principles will enable you to hit the ball further with less effort ring true.

The book was good. The DVD’s are better. I doubt that the author will get many queries from those who watch the set, as his presentation is very clear and doable. Criticisms that humans can’t duplicate the swing of Iron Byron are laid to rest as Wilson demonstrates his swing alongside the World’s only perfect ball striker. Those that can’t see the similarities need to look again, because they are obvious. It wouldn’t take long for anyone to find him or herself repeating that swing, providing he or she followed the instruction as presented. Those that are patient and master the steps one at a time before moving on to the next, will find themselves hitting the ball longer than ever with no apparent effort. In a short time, they will be duplicating the three things that make Iron Byron work, a circular body rotation with an unrestricted hinge and a constant forward tilt.

From the interview with George Manning (the creator of Iron Byron) to Wilson’s treatise on how to practice, this DVD is a gem. Interesting and attention keeping, it is worth a buy. Swing Machine Golf became the most valuable instruction book in my golf library. Within a short week the DVD’s have become the most valuable instruction videos I have purchased. The dust cover of the book says the book is The fastest way to a consistent swing. If that was true, it is no longer. The DVD’s have replaced it.

Tony C.



Swing Machine Golf is a wonderful golf instruction book … one of the best I’ve seen. Paul Wilson has grabbed the essence of the golf swing and made it clear, concise and easy to understand. This golf book will take what can be a difficult game and make it seem like child’s play.

Bob Weeks, Editor
Score Golf Magazine



In all of my 18 years in the golf industry, I have never seen anyone make people swing like a pro as fast as Paul Wilson does.

Wil Koopmans,
Head Golf Professional, Angus Glen Golf Club
Host to the 2002 Bell Canadian Open

Earlier tonight I watched you on The Golf Channel. I must say, out of all the golf instructors I have seen on that show, your methods of relating the correct golf swing to the Iron Byron made the most sense. It’s rather easy when you think about the simplicity of the machine, and directly relate it to your golf swing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Pinehurst, N.C.



I wanted to write you and let you now how much I enjoyed reading Swing Machine Golf instruction book. I have been an avid golfer for over 40 years and have never read a golf book like this. It simplified the golf swing for me. My handicap has dropped since I started copying the Iron Byron as you described in your golf book. Please let me know if Paul Wilson will be in the La Jolla area soon, I would like to book a private lesson if possible. I plan to give your golf book away at our corporate golf tournament next year.

S. Sheinbein
La Jolla, CA



I have to say THANK YOU VERY, VERY, MUCH!!!!! I saw you on Golf Academy Live Wednesday night¦ listened intently as you analyzed Tiger’s swing and the Iron Byron¦ it literally straightened me out!! ¦ thanks to you, my spirit and swing have been renewed!!! I want to run out and play again.

Orlando, Florida



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