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Why is Learning the Golf Swing So Tough?

If you find learning the golf swing tough, you’re not alone. There are millions of people who are in the same boat. If you have been reading my golf tips you’ll probably know that at one time, I also thought it was tough. I tried every tip and trick in the book and hit thousands and thousands of golf balls
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What You Can Learn from Tiger Woods Golf Swing

  >>> CLICK HERE for 10 Video Golf Lessons <<<   In watching the PGA Championship this year, I marveled at how Tiger Woods came from nowhere and finished in 3rd place at 2 under par (2 shots off of the lead). If Phil Mickelson hadn’t hung on, this performance of Tiger’s could hav
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Alignment – The Most Important Lesson In Golf

>>> CLICK HERE for 10 Video Golf Tips <<< When I watch inexperienced golfers players hit the ball I find that they are usually mis-aligned to their target. Typically, they aim way too far out to the right. The reason they aim to the right is because the inexperienced player has the tendency to hit the
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