If you would like to take lessons with us but don’t have the access or ability to visit us in Las Vegas it’s not a problem. We now offer Skype golf lessons. With this service we can be right there with you at the range or at home helping you with your golf swing. All you have to do is set up your lesson time and your computer camera, phone or iPad so we can see you swing. You can even do it in your house because we don’t need you to even hit a golf ball.

Learning a better golf swing is all about learning certain positions. Each position we teach gives you feedback to allow you to know if you are doing it right or not. Now with us watching you through Skype, we’ll make sure you’re doing the swing positions exactly right so you won’t be guessing or wasting your time.

If you’re serious about your game sign up for Skype Lessons today. Please contact Pete using the form below.

Lesson Times

Skype lessons are available most days and evenings.  Please contact my assistant Pete Mitchell to schedule at time that works best for you.  USE THE CONTACT FORM BELOW.

Pricing for P. Mitchell

1 Lesson

$39.95 (30 mins.)

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3 Lessons

$99.95 (30 mins. each)

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