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If you’re in Las Vegas and would like to take lessons at the Paul Wilson Golf School at Bear’s Best, we offer a range of different programs for you to choose from. Please take a look below to find the program that best fits your needs.

Paul Wilson Golf Schools at Bear’s Best Las Vegas

If you would like to get as much instruction as possible while you are here please consider joining one of my 3 day golf schools.

Private or Semi-Private Golf Lessons

Individual lessons are offered by the hour. They can be on any area of the swing or short
game that you need help with. Typically, this type of lesson would be a great if you find yourself with limited time while in Las Vegas and you need help curing a slice or getting the ball out of bunkers etc. If you would like to build a great golf swing then a series of lessons or full or half day lessons would be recommended.

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Series of Golf Lessons

A series of 5 lessons is going to be the best option if you live in Las Vegas. A series of 5 lessons focuses on the full swing but the short game can also be incorporated into the series if you need help with this part of your game. Lessons are typically held once per week based on scheduling and availability. This is a 1 on 1 private
lesson or you can put together your own group. Doing so will reduce your price.

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1/2 Day Golf Lessons

A half day lesson is for someone who would like to take advantage of their time in Las Vegas but can’t get away for a full day lesson. Within this 1/2 day time-frame we will get a good start re-building your swing. We could also touch on the short game or cure your slice if need be. The knowledge you will receive will allow you to
continue to work on your game on your own once you go back home.

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Full Day Golf Lessons

A full day lesson not only incorporates the full swing but the short game too. This is the best option if you are in Las Vegas for a short period of time but find yourself with a full day to devote to golf. The information you will learn will allow you to work on
your swing even after you have gone back home.

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Playing Lessons

If you would like to learn better course management as well as how to play from different situations and clear up any doubt about how to play you should consider a playing lesson with Paul Wilson.

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