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Swing Machine Golf Short Game DVDs by Paul Wilson

If you’ve seen my full swing DVD series, or read my book, you’ll know that I teach the full swing based on the Iron Byron swing machine. Just because the swing gets shorter in the short game there’s no reason for me to abandon the Iron Byron. Once you incorporate the 3 fundamentals of Iron Byron into your short game you will get the ball closer to the hole, get it out of the bunkers, get it up and down more often and finally stop 3 putting.


short game DVDs

Pitchingvideo In this DVD, I relate the 3 fundamentals of Iron Byron to the pitching swing. To dial in the different distances, I not only teach 3 different backswing lengths but I also teach you a technique that you apply to your downswing which allows you dial in precise yardages.There is no more guess-work with my pitching technique. You will finally have no doubt on how far you will hit each shot by applying the exact swing. This instruction is nothing like anything you have ever heard before.
Chippingvideo Chipping is where you can save tons of shots. After all, you’re only a short distance from the green.If only you could apply a technique that would allow you to hit the ball precise distances so you had no doubt in your mind as to what club you should be using and what stoke you should be applying.My chipping technique also differs than other techniques in that it teaches you a simple change that will stop those flubbed and sculled shots from occurring. This subtle change makes chipping one of the easies ways to drop your scores.
Bunkersvideo The majority of golfers seem to have this fear of being in the sand. With my greenside bunker technique this will all change because it is so simple to get the ball consistently out of the sand and to be able to dial in your distance to the hole.After teaching people for many years, I recognized the main causes of poor bunker play. By avoiding these few things your really can become a great bunker player.
Puttingvideo My putting technique is very simple yet highly effective. There’s no reason to get you thinking too much. If you do, you are guaranteed to tighten up and not create a smooth, consistent stroke.My putting video teaches you a simple way to stay loose and not think about your stroke. This gets you extremely target oriented allowing your to get the ball in hole thus reducing your scores and finally making the putts you think you should be making.


Formatted For Viewing Around The World

These DVD videos are formatted as NTSC All Regions, which means that anyone in North America will be able to view them on any standard DVD player.

TVs and DVD players in other parts of the world such as Europe or Australia are typically based on the PAL format, but MOST of these are also “NTSC Multi-Regional” which means they are able to play NTSC All Regions discs.

If you live outside North America, please check the instruction manual that came with your TV and DVD player to make sure you can play NTSC discs, before placing your order.

Although these discs are best viewed on your TV using a DVD player, you’ll also be able to view them on any modern computer – PC or MAC – that can play DVDs.



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