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Swing Machine Golf DVDs by Paul Wilson

In these golf instruction DVD videos, I bring the contents of my original Swing Machine Golf Book to life with VIVID demonstrations to make sure you’ll quickly and easily understand the proper fundamentals the will allow you to swing a golf club properly.

Golf DVDs


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The Swing Machine Golf Full Swing video series includes:

Your learning starts with the section, “Understanding Iron Byron”. Here, I interview George Manning, the creator of Iron Byron, right beside the machine at the True Temper test facility in Tunica, Mississippi.

George explains why the Iron Byron was designed the way it was, and provides helpful insight into the 3 key fundamentals that allow it to have a perfectly repeating swing.  I then teach you how to add those 3 key fundamentals into your golf swing using 10 easy lessons and 6 simple tutorials, so you can start swinging with machine-like consistency too.

Formatted For Viewing Around The World

These DVD videos are formatted as NTSC All Regions, which means that anyone in North America will be able to view them on any standard DVD player.

TVs and DVD players in other parts of the world such as Europe or Australia are typically based on the PAL format, but MOST of these are also “NTSC Multi-Regional” which means they are able to play NTSC All Regions discs.

If you live outside North America, please check the instruction manual that came with your TV and DVD player to make sure you can play NTSC discs, before placing your order.

Although these discs are best viewed on your TV using a DVD player, you’ll also be able to view them on any modern computer – PC or MAC – that can play DVDs.

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