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golf bookGolf Instruction Book – “Swing Machine Golf”

This is the book that started it all. To date, we have sold over 11,000 copies. The book contains my 10 simple lessons as well as how to diagnose and cure all swing flaws, how to practice, taking it to the course and so much more. 205 pages with more than 400 color photographs.

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Full Swing DVD Videos – “Swing Machine Golf”golf DVDs

Included are 4 DVDs packed with 4 hours of tried and proven golf instruction which teaches you the swing based on the Iron Byron swing machine. Accelerate your learning with 10 simple lessons and 6 practical tutorials as well as how to practice, how to cure your slice and cure other common swing flaws. There are also side-by-side split screen comparisons between Iron Byron and myself at every stage of the swing. You will see that it really is possible to be a machine!

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Short Game DVD Videos – “Swing Machine Golf”short game dvds

This is also a 4-DVD set. In it, I show you how to add the 3 fundamentals of the Iron Byron to your short game which includes Pitching, Chipping, Greenside Bunker Shots and Putting. The machine-like consistency created by these 3 fundamentals is just as important in the short game as it is in the full swing. It’s the key to get your ball up and down from within 100 yards of the green and eliminate bogies and double bogies from your scores!

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Ignition Golf – Video Golf Tips Membership SiteIgnition Golf Logo

If you are looking to add to Swing Machine Golf or just learn more about the golf swing Ignition Golf is for you. Ignition Golf is a membership site which includes hundreds of video golf tips from myself and other experts in clubfitting, flexibility and the mental game.

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