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button-add-to-card-450In this video, I’m unboxing the Game Golf stat tracker. To use it, you simply clip the main unit onto your belt and screw in plastic tags with embedded RFID chips into the grips of your clubs.

Once you are ready to play, you turn it on and tag your club to the device. Repeat this process as you play the rest of your round and the Game Golf system stores all of this data making it ready to upload.  In other words, you just tag and go. Now you can see where you hit all of your shots (including putts) for your whole round.

Once you’re finished your round, the information is stored in the device.  Once you can get to your computer, you simply connect the Game Golf device with the included USB cable and your stats are uploaded to your online profile that you previously created.

The box includes:

The main Game Golf device that clips to your belt
18 plastic tags
1 USB cable
1 Carry Case
Instruction manual
Free software and online account

How Game Golf Can Help You Improve

An example of how using a golf stat tracker can help you improve your game would be knowing exactly how far you hit your clubs instead of how far you think you hit them. If you know your actual distances, it allows you to make the right club selections when you play thus hitting more fairways and greens.

Another example would be knowing your percentages hit left and right, long and short, greens in regulation, fairways hit etc. will allow you to devote what little practice time you have to the right areas of your game instead of just wasting your time.

The Game Golf system tracks all of your stats and presents it to you in a clear easy-to-follow user interface. Now you can access all sorts of charts, graphs, satellite images and even graphical displays of where you hit all of your shots over time so you know if you are improving or not. Hopefully, you can see how valuable these stats are and how they really can have you playing the best golf of your life.

You can pick up your own Game Golf shot tracker by clicking the link below:



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