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Here’s my review of a new stat tracking device called Game Golf.  Now this is not an app or you writing your stats on a scorecard.  This is an actual device you clip onto your belt that tracks every shot from drive to putter giving you stats like actual distance hit, where you hit the ball and if you were long or short.  It provides you with all of the information you need to see any weaknesses in your game.  Once you know your weaknesses you can devote your practice time to these areas instead of wasting your time beating balls.  You will also know your tendencies and actual yardages so you can tailor your game as you play into the future.


5 Stars

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How Does Game Golf Work?

The main unit easily attaches to your belt or you can even put it in your pocket.  Once turned on, it communicates via GPS with tags that are inserted into the end of your grips.  These very lightweight tags have RFID chips embedded into them (so they don’t noticeably affect the weight of your club).  Before hitting your shot, you simply touch the end of your club to the unit on your belt and the device knows the club you are hitting and where you are hitting it from (accurate within a few yards).

After you hit your shot, you go up to your ball and select your next club.  Once you hit your next club the Game Golf stat tracker records where you hit the previous shot from and how far it was hit.  Each time you hit a shot the previous shot is recorded until you finish the hole.  Once you move to the next hole the Game Golf unit then completes that hole and so on until your round is completed.

How Do You See Your Stats?

Once your round is over is when the magic really happens.  You simply turn the unit off as you come of the 18th hole so it saves all of the data from that round.  Then you connected the unit to your computer and through their software you upload it to your free online account on their website.  From inside the software, you can see all of your shots and edit them so they are accurate to the round you just played.  You can see satellite images of your course and where you hit every shot, you will know how far you hit each shot, your greens in regulation, how many went left of right, short or long, how many putts etc.

They ave over 35,000 courses in tagged in the system so far and they are adding more courses daily.  If your course is not listed simply let them know and they will add it within 2 weeks.

All of your uploaded stats are then presented to you in a very clean, easy to use layout including graphs and charts as well as visual representations of your shot patterns.  Now you can see exactly what you are doing as you play a round of golf.  It is truly mind blowing information because I guarantee you’re not doing or playing how you think you are.

The Game Golf device is used by Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood and Jim Furyk.  It conforms to the USGA and R&A rules of golf and has been used in PGA tournament play.  I foresee that in the very near future you will see this device on the belts of PGA Tour Players.  When you do, you will know exactly what it is and you will want one too.


You don’t have to write your stats on scorecards.

You can view your stats at home, at the range, or even on your phone.

Simple to use.

You don’t get hung up or worried about you game when you playing.

Conforms to USGA and R&A rules.

Endorsed by Tour Players and the PGA of America.


Price – Game Golf retails for $249.95 but worth every penny.

Some minor errors in where the ball was hit but you can easily edit your shots.


I’ll be honest with you.  When I played in the past, I would write a few stats like greens, fairways and putts on my scorecard as I played but once the round was over, I looked at these stats for a couple of minutes then tossed the scorecard.  This did nothing to help me improve.  Now with my Game Golf device I have a very easy way to track everything I do in a round of golf.  I can finally see my whole game and actually care about it and improve my weaknesses.

If you’re looking to improve your game, I highly recommend the shot tracking device by Game Golf.  Pick it up today by clicking the link right below this review.  You will not regret it.


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